The following should give you a feeling for my skills, experience and interests. If you want to know more, do not hesitate in contacting me!

You can also find my list of publications from my time in academia here.

Software Engineering

I was part of MATSim’s “core development” team from 2011 to 2020. Aside from the scientific side, I was part of the effort to maintain and refactor the codebase to accommodate for new usages. I have the feeling that we were successful, given the growing user base, including some “big players” such as the Swiss Federal Railways.

The core technologies are Java, Maven and google Guice for dependency injection. The code is maintained in a collection of git repositories, mostly on GitHub.

Scientific Computing

MATSim is a simulation software that aims at predicting travel demand in a particular area. Aside from the pure development work, I love the idea of designing a system that can be used to predict the behavior of a complex system.

The core of my research was the inclusion of social interactions into MATSim. This required the modeling of joint planning behavior, coordination and altruism, requiring significant extensions to the “one against all” theoretical model underlying most of transportation planning.

Data Science

Of course, one can only predict the behavior of a system if one understands it. An important aspect is thus the direct interaction with data. In this context, I regularly analyzed travel diary surveys using statistical methods, in particular choice models.

The technology I use the most here are Python, in and out of Jupyter notebooks. I make my analyses reproducible by using GNU Make or Luigi, depending on the complexity of the project, together with git. I also regularly use R.


I regularly teach MATSim, in particular in a yearly class at ETH Zurich. I enjoy trying to help students understand the core principles behind the simulation, trying to make them both understand the software architecture and its usage.

I am currently in the process of making that lecture available to a wider audience, in the form of an open online course. More about this in a close future!

I am also active on the MATSim help platform, and enjoy trying to help users understand our software, and use their misunderstandings to see what could be improved.


I am not only a computer nerd! I also love music, and in particular flamenco. I play flamenco guitar, regularly going to Spain to learn from the “source”, and playing in dance schools.

To combine my various interests, I played with the nice FlaBase dataset, looking at the social network of flamenco artists as revealed by their professional collaborations. I hope to find the time to write a blog post about it at some point!


I could not keep the energy to engage into all of the above without the support of my wonderful wife and two lovely young daughters.


In addition to programming languages, I speak French as a mother tongue, work in English, speak German at home, and am fluent in Spanish.